General terms and conditions of contract for Shop

1. Scope of application


The general terms and conditions of contract apply to all content and all of the offers made available for sale by complIT solution GmbH. All of the goods offered on our website are directed at clients, who have attained eighteen years of age.

Delivers, services and offers are carried out on the basis of the general terms and conditions described hereinafter.


2. Content rights


2.1 Website content rights


The shop on this website contains content that is created by complIT solution GmbH as well as its partners and the website’s users. Complete material, that is published on the website, is protected by at the time valid laws, particularly by: trademarks, copyright, ancillary copyright and competition law.


2.2 Transfer of rights


When user uploads reports onto the website, the temporarily unlimited right to save, make available for retrieval as well as edit it is granted free of charge to complIT solution GmbH. Therefore, complIT solution GmbH retains the right to edit all of the website’s content. Furthermore, complIT solution GmbH retains the right to not display the content on the website or to delete it without disclosing the reasons behind it.


2.3 Additional limitation of liability


If user loses any data because of a download of his/her own data , complIT solution GmbH cannot be held liable for such actions.


3. Data protection


We take the matter of your data protection very seriously. complIT solution GmbH will not disclose or pass on any of the user’s personal data in any way or form, which were provided e.g. during registration, to a third party.


4. Registration 


4.1 Registration


User must be registered before making use of any services provided on the website. Every user is allowed to register only once and create only one profile. Only persons with full legal capacity can register on the website. Also, there is no claim on registration. It cannot be stipulated for, demanded or enforced by any other means.


4.2 User’s data, user’s profile


Every user is obligated, within the bounds of the registration, to submit correct data and refrain from infringing upon the rights of a third party. Such an infringement would have taken place, if, inter alia, user made use of personal data of a third party without its consent. Registered users can change their registration data at any time.


4.3 Account blockade, registering anew


In case of infringement of the general terms and conditions  complIT solution GmbH retains the right to change the user’s profile information or to block the user permanently. Our written consent is required for a newed registration process.


5. Rights on published content


5.1 User’s liability for its content


In all circumstances should user be certain that he/she possesses or acquires all rights, which are necessary to legally upload his/her content onto the website. Users are solely liable for their content.


6. Costs for software download


Costs for software license (including VAT):

reporting plus Viewer: 980 €
Yearly software maintenance fee: 196 €
reporting plus Editor  980 €
Yearly software maintenance fee:  196 €

All prices apply for only one user. First month after software download is free of charge.

Cost settlement takes place via invoice issuing.


7. Termination


7.1 Termination by user


User can, at any time, revoke the registration via e-mail without giving earlier notice as well as delete his/her account by complIT solution GmbH.


7.2 Termination by complIT solution GmbH


complIT solution GmbH retains the right to revoke the registration without stating any reasons behind it.


8. Place of jurisdiction


The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes is the seat of business for complIT solution GmbH.


9. Severability clause


Should one or more provisions of the general terms and conditions be or become null and void, the validity of remaining provisions hereof is retained.


Marl, September 2016